The Running order for your Presentations.

The Running order for your Presentations.

 Unit 4 – Creativity & Context – Level 1 Chelsea

 Wednesday December 5th 2012

 You will all be ready in the Upper Casket by 12.55pm for a 1pm prompt start. The Level 2 students will be presenting in the morning and you are very welcome to come and watch form 10am onwards.

 The smaller room with the computers in the upper casket will be used as a ‘dressing room’ and the next two groups will be preparing quietly for their presentation while another is preforming. When the group performing has finished you will have 5mins to set up and be ready to present.

 This is the running order (if you have said you want to go at a particular time then that is fine and let me know), but you should all be prepared to go on next just in case of technological or costume malfunctions.


1a.  Bureaucracy. & Universalism

 2b.  Disenchantment of the world–& Homogenisation

3c.  Rationalisation–& Reductionism

4d.   Secularisation & Objectivism

 5e.  Alienation & Democratisation

6f.   Commodification & Industrial society

7g.  Decontexutalisation. & Mass society

8h.   Individualism & Subjectivism

9i.    Nationalism & Totalitarianism

10j.  Urbanisation & Mechanisation



PDF: Wednesday December 5th Running order for the presentations


Until then practice as much as you can so it goes as smoothly as possible on the day

‘…who loves practice without theory is like the sailor who boards ship without a rudder and compass and never knows where he may cast.’  Leonardo da Vinci


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