An Anatomy of Modernity? 

 What are the relationships between:

  • Rise of the nation state and Modernity
  • Growth of tolerance as a political and social belief and Modernity
  • Industrialization and Modernity
  • Rise of mercantilism and capitalism and Modernity
  • Emergence of socialist countries and Modernity
  • Discovery and colonization of the Non-Western world and Modernity
  • Rise of representative democracy and Modernity
  • Increasing role of science and technology and Modernity
  • Urbanization and Modernity
  • Mass literacy and Modernity
  • Proliferation of mass media and Modernity
  • Emergence of social science and anthropology and Modernity
  • Romanticism and Early Existentialism and Modernity
  • Naturalist approaches to art and description and Modernity
  • Evolutionary thinking in geology, biology, politics, and social sciences and Modernity
  • Beginnings of modern psychology and Modernity
  • Growing disenfranchisement of religion and Modernity
  • Emancipation and Modernity


Rembrandt van Rijn, The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Nicolaes Tulp, signed and dated ‘Rembrandt ft. 1632’, canvas, 169.5 x 216.5 cm, The Hague, Mauritshuis



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