Chosen by Seet Kwang Chun (Elvn)

Flux/S Drafts Establishing Future



by  PLUS 2 years ago /

Creative Commons License:

video created for Flux/S Drafts Establishing Future, 2010

concept & direction: HEYHEYHEY
production: HEYHEYHEY
camera: Diderik Evers
camera assistent: Jaron de Pauw
light: Jeroen Simons
edit: Sander van der Aa
music: Job, Joris & Marieke
mix en mastering: Martijn Groeneveld


Chosen by: Akshitha Victor

The Biggest Secret Ever – A/E


Davis Silis and Adventures in Electricity present a short film about the biggest secret ever, out from the archives and now in high fidelity.

Shot on 16mm film.

Written and directed by Davis Silis
Produced by Jordan Bourke
Director of Photography – Marta Bobic

Web –
Twitter –
Davis –


Chosen by: Irina Wang

Bauhaus documentary (3)


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