Graphic Design Communication  Level 1   2012-13      

Mark Ingham   Term 1


Deconstructing Modernity & Modernism

1. On Wednesday 24 October each Group (A-J) will be given a pair of terms that relate to Modernity, which you as a group will have to research thoroughly. The group will decide which aspects of the terms each member will research.

(See: for which terms each group has been given)

2. You will then present your findings as a group on Wednesday 21 November. Your 5 minute presentation must have an element of performativity so that the ideas you are trying to convey are clearly remembered by the rest of the class.

3. At the same time each student will be given the name of a person that lived trough the beginnings of Modernism and worked pre 1945. It will be each individual student’s task to find out as much as they can about this person. You will then ‘become’ this person for the purposes of your presentation/performance on Wednesday 21 November.

 4. Each group will construct an online timeline ( and an information graphic that incorporates the group’s research into the ideas about Modernity and the research carry out of the individual ‘Modernist’. Your job is to attempt to construct a ‘map’ of the connections between the ideas related to Modernity and your individuals work and ideas.

5. All work, both individual and group, should be placed on your blog. Your group might also want to have a blog that the entire group contributes to, or you may wish to set up a Facebook group for this research.

All of this research will then help you to write your 700 word précis exploring modernism and modernity, which is to be handed in after the winter break. (specific date will be give nearer the time, but will be during the first week back in January).

Any questions about this brief please email me at:

Mark Ingham| October 2012


PDF: Graphic Design Communication Level 1 2012



Artwork details

Jeremy Deller (born 1966)
Title: The History of the World
Date: 1997-2004
MediumGraphite and acrylic paint on wall
Dimensions Overall display dimensions variable
Collection: Tate


The History of the World is a graphic and textual portrayal of the history, influence and context for acid house and brass band music. Adopting the form of a flow diagram, it suggests that there are social and political echoes and points of confluence between these two musical movements that date from different eras; acid house being a post-industrial movement of the late twentieth century, and the brass band movement dating from the industrial era of the nineteenth century.



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